CUPL – American Legal Studies 3 month program Weeks 1 and 2

CUPL students arrive

The CUPL students arrive at Metro Airport and are greeted by Ed Bruley.

Earlier this month, a group of students from China University for political science and law arrived at Metro Airport where they were greeted by our own Secretary of the Board Ed Bruley. The students were a little tired from travelling all day, so naturally we took them for some ice cream before settling in to their housing assignments for the night.

Ed Bruley introduces the students to an American style diner.

Ed Bruley introduces the students to an American style diner.

The next day the students were taken to an american style diner for breakfast. The students had their first taste of American breakfast food.

Soon after the students began orientation. Orientation consists of topics such as what MCEP is, what MCEP does, culture, culture differences, interacting in a business setting in america, eating habits, business dress, personal goals for the program, and the schedule of events for the program.

Ed Bruley gives an orientation session for the CUPL students at our office on Gratiot.

Ed Bruley gives an orientation session for the CUPL students at our office on Gratiot.

The next week the students started visiting circuit court, where they observed motion day, jury selection and even various trial procedings. The students also met with the County Clerk, and Friend of the Court to learn what their function in the court system is.

The students pose with Court Legal Services Director John Nizol who helps orchestrate our visits to the Macomb County Circuit Court.

The students pose with Court Legal Services Director John Nizol who helps orchestrate our visits to the Macomb County Circuit Court.

We will continue to update you on the students adventures and their learning process throughout the program. Thank you for your continued support.

U of M and Shanghai Jao Tong Joint Institute Engineering Degree and Study Abroad Opportunity

MCEP would like to introduce you to great opportunity for students who are thinking about an engineering degree after high school. The University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong has a great program where you can study two years at each school and end up with dual degrees which will be the envy of any employer.
Below you can download a program outline as an introduction to this great possibility for your future or a student you know. I know it is hard for some to consider going to PR China for two yeas of study but consider the following:
At graduation you will at the top of all employment lists of international companies.
The cost is much lower than 4 years at a state side school.
All classes are taught in English
It  seems far but not much farther than driving to Michigan Tech – a very good school.
You live in a world city, Shanghai with all the modern conveniences.
You are only one plane ride away and with reduced costs you can afford it.
You are eligible for additional scholarships.
In late October Yu Zhang a recruiter from the Institute will be here in Macomb. She would be glad to meet with families, students, parents and any school  who wishes to have her speak or make an appointment. Just call MCEP 586 783 6008 and will make sure you get connected to a great future. Thanks
Program Outline:
2015 prospectus

Spain Art Trip Info Nights

ArtTripBoardTomorrow evening we will be at the Anton Art Center in Mount Clemens during their fundraising event to give out information for anyone interested in the Art Trip to Spain.

There will also be informational meetings for the Art Trip at the Anton Art Center on Sept 23rd at 2pm and 630pm.

All of the trip information can also be found online here:

If you have any questions call the office at 586-783-6008 or email

High School Students: Cultural Trip To Spain With MCEP

High School Students: Travel To Spain Feb 12th-22nd 2015

Today’s students are tasked with participating in an increasingly interconnected world. To be successful global citizens, they must become skilled at interacting within and across multiple cultures and capable of understanding issues on a global level. The Macomb Cultural and Economic Partnership (MCEP) is dedicated to expanding opportunity for increased global awareness by building international relationships, cultural appreciation, and practical knowledge. Through our efforts, we have learned that a travel experience in another country is one of the best ways to expose students to the world.

MCEP seeks to deepen our partnership with the Macomb County high schools through the addition of a travel excursion program to the Andalusia region of southern Spain, and specifically the cities of Seville, Córdoba, Granada, Pedrera and Cádiz. Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and the largest city and capital of the independent community of Andalusia. Within the context of the European Union, it is the 30th most populated municipality. As the only river port in Spain, Seville served as the embarkation site for Christopher Columbus and became a center for international trade controlling the abundant riches coming from the Americas during the late 15th-17th centuries.  This created a period of great development and transformation for the city with the construction of some of the most important buildings in the city’s historic center and a flourishing of the arts. By the 18th century, the trade had moved to the port of Cádiz and Seville was in economic decline.  By the 19th century, the Spanish Empire was collapsing as the territories within Spanish America sought independence. The cities of the southern Spain are layered with Roman, Muslim, and Spanish Imperial influences and provide an impressive historical perspective on these empires and their impact on the world. Their history offers students an interesting comparison to the leading economic status of China and the United States today.

Our trips are organized so that participants develop a personal familiarity with and understanding of the culture and dynamics of the places we visit, while also gaining awareness of daily life.

Trip Supporting Documents:

High School Spain Trip Powerpoint

High School Spain Trip 2 Page Flyer

High School Spain Trip Itinerary

Cultural Experience Opportunity: Art Trip To Spain

9360-Anton_logoMCEP is partnering  with the Anton Art Center to develop a unique art-focused travel excursion program starting with Barcelona, Spain. The hometown of Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona is a welcoming cosmopolitan city and tourism destination with a rich cultural heritage. Our trips are organized so that participants will experience the culture, food and history of the places we visit, while also creating opportunities to meet and learn from locals. We will divide our time between Barcelona and Costa Brava, the coastal region and countryside northeast of Barcelona in the Catalonia province of Girona. While in Barcelona, participants will observe and enjoy the renowned artwork of Miro and Gaudí as well as explore the city’s contemporary arts scene.  The itinerary could include visits to must-see sites such as the Fundacio Joan Miro, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Milà. The time spent in the Costa Brava will explore the life and work of Salvador Dalí. The group could visit destinations such as Figueres, the birthplace of Dalí and location of the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Portligat House-museum, where the artist lived from 1930-1982.  The itinerary would also dedicate time to experiencing Catalan cuisine including visits to a winery and an olive farm.

political-map-of-SpainIn anticipation of the trip, we organize two preparatory meetings on the history, culture and politics of the country. These seminars provide participants with a foundation for learning and contextualizing their experience and also help to acclimate them before they travel. Trips are usually 10 days including two days of travel. MCEP coordinates the daily schedules to ensure an appropriate mix of educational experiences, social activities, sightseeing and personal time.  Great consideration is given to providing participants the ability to pursue their personal interests while traveling. Our
itineraries are flexible and offer the possibility of opting in or out of activities. The group will travel utilizing a mix of transportation modes to allow participants to experience the city through various perspectives including public transit, taxi, and walking. We would travel to the Costa Brava in vans to provide the group an opportunity to experience the Catalan countryside.

MCEP manages the travel logistics from start to finish to ensure an affordable, efficient and meaningful experience. We make the flight arrangements, hotel and suggested dinner admissions and reservations for museums… and facilitate any necessary visas. We also plan and execute the itinerary including coordinating and scheduling the pre-trip seminars and all trip activities.  A staff person from MCEP and a European affiliate will accompany the group on their trip and serve as liaisons with the local contacts.

MCEP will work with the Anton Art Center to design the program itinerary, provide a detailed plan with travel cost and assist as needed with any marketing and outreach to maximize participation. The trip would be financially structured so that it can also be a fundraising opportunity and source of revenue for the Anton Art Center.

Trip Documents (Click to view):
Spain Trip Powerpoint
Spain Trip Flyer
Spain Trip Day By Day Schedule

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About MCEP

State Representative Anthony Forlini presents a letter of welcome to a member of a American Legal Studies 18 Day Tour from China.

State Representative Anthony Forlini presents a letter of welcome to a member of a American Legal Studies 18 Day Tour from China.

The Macomb Cultural and Economic Partnership (MCEP) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding opportunity by building international relationships, cultural appreciation, and practical knowledge.

We want to help Americans better understand the People’s Republic of China, the challenges it faces, and the realities of everyday life in China. And we want to help the Chinese better understand those same realities of life in America.

For Americans, we do this by encouraging people to visit, study, and do business in China – helping Macomb transform into a major player in the global economy. For China, we do this by creating opportunities for Chinese citizens to visit America and see more than just the famous postcard sites of New York and Washington, DC; we want them to also experience a home stay in the heartland of the United States, see how an American company really operates, and have the chance to meet with ordinary Americans.

We want people in both countries to experience life as it’s lived, and appreciate the commonalities we all share.

Currently offering several different programs for Chinese students including: an 18 day American Legal Systems Law Study Summer Tour where the students get a chance to experience the American Legal system firsthand with MCEP staff and local Judges and Government Officials, 3 month Business and Law Internship programs giving students an expanded experience in American Business and American Law, as well as other cultural experiences for visiting Chinese students and local foreign university students.

The Macomb Cultural & Economic Partnership, is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Macomb County elected officials, business, school and community leaders about the need for economic development and cooperation between Macomb County and the world.